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(+237) 65-72-65-716

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SWR, Cameroon.

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Our services

We assist companies develop and maintain agility in their workforces, enabling them to respond to changing business demands and market fluctuations, and keep adapting as the future of their work evolves.

Direct Hire

We take great pleasure in having built a strong community network of great workers. Our recruitment process has been honored over the years, so we know how to match the right person to fill your needs and we can hire them directly to your company.

Flexible Staffing

Whether you need a single experienced plumber for a one-day installation or 30 bilingual staffs with good communication skills for your call center, Kenko Manpower can provide the talent you need. Our contingent workforce gives you increased flexibility to seasonal highs and lows or deliver on a critical opportunistic initiative.

Onsite Management

Kenko Manpower drives organizational performance, integrating contingent workforce into your company’s culture and processes. From candidate attraction to systems administration, we tailor our process around each organization’s specific needs, resulting in faster access to highly qualified candidates so you can focus on achieving your business objectives.